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Wool ball for tumble dryer 1 pc


Sheep wool balls are designed for the clothes dryer.

Wool balls shorten the drying process by up to 20%, thus saving time, money on energy and thus contributing to the protection of the environment. Many people use tennis balls, but they are noisy, wool balls are a 100% natural product, handmade only from local Czech sheep wool, soft and flexible, light and quiet, 100% ecological

The wool is antibacterial and antifungal, you can leave the ball in the dryer drum (with the door open)

Wool balls naturally soften laundry, that is, when using wool balls, they are fluffy and soft, free of static electricity. My balls contain only wool from my lucky sheep, I don't use any chemicals for felting, at the end of the ball I still wash in ecological detergent.

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